Sunday, 13 November 2011

Popularizing Boutique Hotels

In the vista of tourism London, the boutique hotels occupy their own special place. For the tourists delight and relaxation, these hotels have envisaged themselves as the most hospitable and unique than any other hotels.

As expectations of the travelers are more than comfort, hotels termed as ‘boutique’ present many surprises for them. They want to stay where they enjoy and feel different and endowed with social antics. Now the trend is those people who don’t put on in boutique hotels are often considered as unhip and unfashionable.

Many tourists prefer to stay in these hotels because of the trend and fashion and not just because of the facilities they provide? This is the reason these hotels are presented by the marketers just like any other good hotel. However, marketing of these hotels is very difficult as there can be many financial constraints in the same, and so the best option lies in word-of-mouth strategy and conveying messages. This can be done through story development strategy which can be related to the history behind the creation of hotel or also the thematic elements inscribed in the same. The story should be forecasted through the direct sales or mail and even through group marketing and public relations.

While projecting the boutique hotels, owners do not need to pay any franchise if they want to be a part of large chain, and can very well retail their magnetism without any costly amenities but in the most stylish and simplest way. Even with this simple manner, tourists can get all the facilities and enjoyment in the rooms of these hotels.

The concept ‘boutique’ was originated in 1980, with the opening of The Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, London (designed by celebrity stylist Anouska Hempel) and The Bedford in Union Square, San Francisco. Since then there has been no looking back for these hotels as now there are boutique hotels in every nook and corner of the city London.

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