Friday, 3 February 2012

Boutique Hotels Having their Day

As Friday evening dawned on December 26, 2011, hurried looking bartenders could be seen serving their customer with their piled three-deep at their bar. It was the night for property investors who had been lining up not for their mojitos or pound glasses of Laurent Perrier but to invest in the luxury hotels that could offer them the prices they could not believe even during economic slowdown.
This is an endowment with which the hotels are empowered and the same is true for the Boutique hotels. Their newly developed themes and archives of providing splendor drive their returns and values even if there is an extreme economic down turn.

As earlier envisaged Boutique hotels were not placed in the same category as traditionally conceptualized luxury hotels but now the same are themselves equally luxurious. They require maximum quantum of investment and so not advised for small investors to put their revenue in hotels. But it is also true that the owners enjoy the greatest degree of freedom in getting their hotel designed, as the main concept and unique selling proposition of the hotel is their design.
And now when the Olympics are just a knock away, they are garnering all their potentialities to provide unique and exceptional services to their hosts. Olympics have also become a great scope for these owners to beat other conventional hotels; after all it is about profiting in extremely tough and competitive hospitality industry. The Olympic fever will sure prove as a trophy to be earned for the hotel owners who have atleast shown their talent and creativity to win maximum tourists into its hospitality vintage.

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