Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Creative Destruction Phenomenon In Boutique Hotels Business

For the hospitality and tourisms industry the biggest challenge is their phenomenon to change and so is adequately true with Boutique hotels. This what Creative Destruction as emphasized by Joseph Schumpeter in context to capitalism is very well applied to the Boutique hotels too as well for other industries. Creative Destruction implies destruction of the old and adoption of the new.
 People’s thirst for new and sundry is the main motive behind them for moving to new place and if they find everything same, they are sure to whisk away.  This aptitude and nature of tourists are always making hotel owners to gear themselves to add freshness and newness in their hotels. Now the whole concept of what was known as Boutique is becoming a trendy and unique as now more rooms are being added and services more modernized.
Hospitality industry is itself a part of Capitalism which is in itself core temperament of economic change and can never remain static. This change brings about quasi changes in all the economic and political actions too including but not limited to new production of goods and services, methods of production and transportation and new forms of industrial organization. All these changes have overall impact on the social activities notwithstanding hospitality industry.
This implies that continuous creation of creative destruction is what the demand of the hospitality industry and so with the hotels owners’ dreams too to beat their competitors.

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